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Important Video Poker Tips for Winning

Video poker is available at various online casinos such as Titan Casino, Casino Tropez and Europa Casino. As it is with any game, you should never play blindly. You want to play, especially when you’re risking your cash, with as much knowledge as you can. Here are 10 video poker tips that you will find useful.

10 Video Poker Tips

These video poker tips will help get you started towards making cash when you play video poker. Utilize them to their fullest.

  1. Know how to play poker before you start spending cash on a video poker machine. This is one of the most important video poker tips you’ll ever get. To give yourself the best chance of winning, you need to know poker strategy and use it when you play.
  2. There are different poker video games such as Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better and Joker Wild. Each has its own strategy. Read up on each game prior to playing.
  3. Take some time to study the payout table before playing. When playing Jacks or Better go for the 9/6 version that pays 9-1 on a full house and 6-1 on a flush. Also, play the version that offers 4,000 coins for a royal flush when you bet the maximum.
  4. Play the game in the free mode and keep track of how you’re doing. Ask yourself if the choices you made for each hand made sense and paid off? Consider how you managed your bankroll and the pace at which you played.
  5. This is a basic video poker tip worth remembering. If you are holding the minimum winning hand do not draw five cards. Keep the winning hand and draw three, two or one. (How many you draw depends upon if the minimum winning hand, which could be a pair, two pair or three of a kind.)
  6. If you have a potential straight go for it. Don’t try to go for a flush as you’re going against the cards you’ve been dealt.
  7. If you have three of a kind and two other single cards always discard the two single cards. Even if they are high cards, they are not worth keeping. Discarding two cards while holding three of a kind allows you to go for a full house and four of a kind.
  8. Of all the video poker tips, this one pertaining to pace should always be kept in mind. Do not play video poker quickly. You’ll have a tendency to speed up your play due to the fact that the cards are dealt so quickly and you’re playing an electronic game. This is not a video arcade game where speed counts. Take your time the video poker machine has plenty of it.
  9. When it comes to three and four of a kind it does not matter what cards comprise those sets. That means if you are holding Ace, 2, 3, K, 2, you would discard the Ace, King and 3 in an attempt to pull three or four of a kind. Don’t hold onto the Ace or King, they are as useless as the 3 in this case.
  10. Know when to quit. If you’re tired, not focused or emotionally upset, you need to take a break. Some video poker players find themselves making decisions without thinking. This is not a good situation. You can always go back once you’ve settled down, rested or regained your focus.

Starting Video Poker Tips

These video poker tips are a good place to start as you prepare to play. Keep all 10 in mind. They form a sound foundation on which you can base your gaming experience. You find various video poker slots online at Europa Casino, Casino Tropez and Titan Casino. Go to these sites to start utilizing these video poker tips immediately.

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